Thank You (5.5 oz) Carnation Lavender
Scented Stationery Soap

These gorgeous Celtic Salt Spa Soaps look like pretty scented Stationery with a floral top and a lacy envelope flap. They would be wonderful as wedding favors, Mother's Day Gifts, Baby Showers or any other occasion where you want to send a very special love note. Celtic Sea Salt is added along with Jojoba oil and real silk to make this moisturizing, exfoliating soap very luxurious. Carnation fragrance is combined with Lavender Essential oil to give a floral, delicate and clean fragrance. This luxuriously moisturizing and beautiful soap is made with : Saponified Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Olive oil, Jojoba Oil and Carnation Fragrance oil and Lavender Essential Oil, Celtic Sea Salt, soap colorants and real silk. See how this soap was made:

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