Lion (3.0 oz) Orange,Lavender
3D Abstract Art

This is a Gorgeous Activated charcoal soap with artistic gold lions on the front. The lions are made using a mini-whisk inserted into a drill. Lines of color are poured in a soap, then a spinning whisk swirls the lines into a mane. One side is swirled with clockwise rotation moving counterclockwise and the other is swirled with counterclockwise rotation moving clockwise. The face is added with color in squeeze bottles. The Gold lions in a black soap is very striking and beautiful. I take advantage of the deep black color to add yummy Vanilla Fragrance oil and Organic Orange Essential oil. The bars are smooth, luxurious and sweet smelling.Ingredients: Saponified Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Olive oil, Orange Essential oil, Vanilla Fragrance oil, soap colorants and real silk.See how this soap was made:

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